Mediterranean Eden and World-Class Vista of Dubai
Step into a realm of lush greenery, exquisite service, and multi-sensory opulence, set against majestic vistas of downtown Dubai

Bread Basket · 55

Pitta Bread, Campagne, Sourdough Baguette with Hummus, Tzatziki, Moutabel (Gr, D, G)


Avocado Kale with
White Balsamic Dressing (V) · 65

Burrata with Marinated
Pomegranate and Sherry Vinegar (D) · 95

Quinoa Salad with
Confit Duck Leg (D) · 80

Oyster with caviar
and Pickle Sause (SF) · 130

Cauliflower with
Manchego Cheese (D) · 50

Hot Starters

Fried Calamari with BBQ Emotion (SF, Gr) · 45

Chicken Wings with Korean Paste (G) · 75

Marinated Baked Feta (D, G) · 50

Fried Zucchini with Tartar Sauce (D, G, Gr, V) · 45

Edition Sandwich and Burger

Wagyu Burger
with Horse Radish (G, D) · 140

Mini Burger with Coleslaw and
Slow Cook Short Rib (Gr, G, D) · 95

Marinated Chicken Skewers
with Pitta Bread (Gr, G, D) · 95

Marinated Beef Skewers with
Bordelaise Sause and Apple Compote (A, Gr) · 150

Lobster Roll with Brioche (SF, G, D) · 110

Main Course

Baby Chicken Marinated
with Spicy Lemon Grass (G, Gr) · 100

Grilled Sea Bass with
Pea Puree and Herbs Oil (D, SF, Gr) · 140

Grilled Veal Striploin (D, Gr) · 145

Penne Arrabiata (G, D, Gr, V) · 85

Grilled Vegetables (V) · 65

Rigattoni with Truffles (G, D, V) · MP


Homemade French Fries (V) · 50

Green Beans (V) · 50

Broccoli (V) · 50

Sautee Mushroom (Gr, V) · 50


Molten Brownie (D, G, N) · 55

Replica of Mandarin (D) · 60

Fruit Salad with Sorbet · 55

Sticky Pudding (D, G, N) · 60

Homemade Ice Cream

Per Scoop · 20

Coconut Ice Cream (D)

Chocolate Ice Cream (D, N)

Vanilla Ice Cream (D)

Homemade Sorbet

Per Scoop · 20

Apple Sorbet

Lemon and Mint Sorbet

Pineapple and Lime Sorbet

D – Dairy, N – Nuts, G – Gluten, SF – Shellfish/Seafood, A – Alcohol, Gr – Garlic, E – Eggs, V – Vegetarian

All Prices are in AED and are inclusive of 10% Service Charge, 7% Municipality Fee and 5% VAT

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